The web is both a creative outlet and a living for me.

I’m a self-taught developer, with a strong passion for good UI. My focus is JavaScript, Modern CSS, Responsive Design and PHP.

You can occasionally find me in Github and LinkedIn.


I have a Degree in Information Technology.

I got introduced to the web as a designer in the entertainment industry.

Then I became a Jr. Developer / Sys Admin for a large government contractor where I learned MVC and Object Oriented Programming. I kept web design as a sideline – doing freelance work.

Then I became a full time PHP developer in the Travel Industry.  Now, I’m a Sr. Developer where I mainly focus on JavaScript and REST APIs.

For more details, download my resume from this link.

This Website

The code and tutorials I provide are mainly  for demonstration purposes only. It is up to you to utilize them in a production environment and you cannot hold me liable for any damages.

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This site runs on WordPress, with a modified version of DW “Minion” theme.