I am based in La Crescenta, California – which is just a stone’s throw away from Los Angeles. I’m happily married with three beautiful kids.

I’m a self-taught developer. Meaning, everything I know is a direct result of wanting to dig deeper; “follow the white rabbit” I suppose.

I also have natural knack for design which makes me a combination of both designer + developer in one.

You can also find me in Github and LinkedIn. Download my resume from this link.


I have a passion for good UI. I like improving things. I don’t like getting stuck in doing things the old way and I like working smarter and not necessarily harder.

Everyday processes can be improved by good software. And good software doesn’t have to look bad. As a matter of fact, it HAS to look good.

I especially like learning new things and I like keeping code simple.


The web is both a creative outlet and at a living for me.

I started out as a web designer for several small companies in the entertainment industry. “Dreamweaver” was the go to program for creating layouts. I had become good at using rudimentary techniques such as slicing images along with tables and “spacers”.

I went on and become a System Administrator for a large government contractor. It was here that I became exposed Windows and Linux administration. I had also started to write PHP and MySQL during downtime – where I had discovered WordPress. My front end skills were also sharpened as CSS came along.

Again, while most of my friends were playing golf, I am in front of the computer, designing WordPress templates as a hobby.

I launched a website called “Fearlessflyer.com”, where I distribute my free themes and tutorials. I have also become pretty involved with HTML5 and CSS3.

By this time I have become a full time PHP developer for a local Travel Agency. Here I have gained valuable experience writing MVC and Object Oriented Programming for the web.

Today, I work for a large engineering firm as a front end developer where I focus on CSS, JavaScript and REST APIs.

This Website

Finally, this site contains articles on web design and development. The code and tutorials I provide are mainly  for demonstration purposes only. It is up to you to utilize them in a production environment and you cannot hold me liable for any damages. To view my blogging archives, click here.

This site runs on the mighty WordPress blogging engine, with a modified version of DW “Minion” theme.