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Careers at Parsons

Our journey to the open source world has begun! was built on technologies that was a first for many of us. Not to mention, this was a total re-do of the old “” – which was run by our vendors. So Careers is now in our hands – pixels to code. I’ll explain further […]

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The creators of VimiChat had approached me to design their public www website. Vimi is a “computer on phone” application that is designed to consolidate all of your files, programs and websites onto a single user interface: the VimiChat app. Simple and Clean What I especially liked about the Vimi project was I got to […]

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Alumni Portal

Alumni Portal for Parsons is a place where former employees can keep up to date with what’s happening with the company. They keep updated, get interested in projects, maybe event put in their two cents about something that they have knowledge about. It is designed for information and collaboration. Alumni Portal was definitely a worthwhile […]

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Keep this handy helper available for your Lightning components

I’ve decided to do some write up on Salesforce – especially Lightning development. Lightning is basically Salesforce’s proprietary JavaScript and CSS Framework bundled into one. It’s a component-based system, mobile friendly, with the power of a server side language (Apex), just in case you need it. In the following tutorials, you might see a “helper.callServer()” […]

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