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PennDOT Website

One of the first projects I had to work for Parsons is the PennDOT website. PennDOT stands for  Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. They have partnered with us to create a better system for users to take their Mechanic re-certification. The system had to be good looking, easy to use, modern and mobile ready. Our in-house […]

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Project Tracker SPA

I had the challenge of building a SharePoint application for one of our Departments in Parsons. The goal was to have a project tracking system, where each entry can be sub-tasked, assigned and managed all within our intranet system.  And since our intranet was running SharePoint, which has a REST API – I had to […]

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One of my most favorite projects that I’ve had a chance to work on was the HiltonHonors Cars Rental system. The system is a fully responsive, PHP and JavaScript based web application that was launched late 2012. The screenshots that I have to write this post is from being an actual member and logged on. […]

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Github Projects

Some of my most popular plugins and widgets. View All

A simple jQuery plugin that will create a Bootstrap based Photo Gallery for your images


jQuery plugin to verify if user is old enough to enter site. Published March 8, 2015


PHP based user registration system. Built using CodeIgniter and Bootstrap. Has token based verification, password reset functionality, login page, register page and more.


A JavaScript plugin that will create a custom view for your SharePoint list. Complete with filtering and pagination. Requires SPServices, jQuery and Bootstrap

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