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One Time Payments

One time payments

A lot of business processes have been developed in-house to stream line employee’s daily activities. One such application is One Time Payments (OTP) – a system that makes it easy for employees to submit – well, payments. These payments can vary from bonuses, awards, tuition reimbursements and so forth. My involvement on this project was […]

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Virtual World

Virtual World - feature

Our Enterprise marketing group had come up with an idea of having a presentation tool to use in conferences and meetups. They were thinking of an interface that shows the company projects and installments throughout the globe. An interactive map, that have pins and markers that when clicked, shows more information about that project. They […]

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Hardware Request

Every employee needs hardware. At Parsons, we needed an easy way for employees to order them. The old process was for each employee submit an online form, where they first they have to refer to a an approved list of items. When they find what they need from this list, they have to copy and […]

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Use localStorage for caching data from your backend API

Use localStorage for caching data from your backend API

Full stack applications that are decoupled (when the front end is totally detached from the backend) can have a lot of drawbacks. One of those is when communication between the two takes too long. Laggy response times from your backend greatly depreciates the user experience. Nobody likes waiting for stuff to load. And no – […]