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I’ve been a Software Engineer for many years. And for the past few, JavaScript has been emerging with newer, better and shinier things. But like many others, I’ve been having a little bit of JavaScript fatigue. Lately, I’ve been looking to other frameworks with more stability. Something that I rely on – that will work for years to come.

Back to Roots

PHP was my first real programming language. And Laravel is built with PHP. I’ve always heard of Laravel, but never used it. I’ve watched many videos about how good it is, installed a sample application – and was sold.

I want to learn more – so I signed up for Laracasts. If you’re a web developer, suffering from JS Fatigue, and want to learn Laravel – is like striking gold.

Power to the modern developer

Top-notch tutorials and lessons. I, for one have signed up on many premium bootcamps and tutorial websites. So far, Laracasts is the best I’ve seen. Let me explain.

Talented Instructors – Jeffrey Way

Jeffrey Way, the main instructor, has a unique gift for making complex topics easy to understand. His explanations are clear and straightforward, making even the most daunting subjects feel manageable. He has a way of teaching – that reminds me of how elementary school was – but for a modern, experienced developer.

Plus, he presents everything in such an engaging way that you’re hooked from the first video. I especially like how he organizes his content – from inception to conception. Jeffrey Way is as good as it gets.

In addition, I’ve seen a couple of series on Inertia, React and APIs – and the instructors were also pretty good. Not the same style as Jeffrey – but good nonetheless.

Structured Learning Paths for Laravel and More

One of my favorite features is the structured learning paths. These pathways are like having a personal guide through the vast world of web development. They ensure you build a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced topics. This is incredibly helpful if you’re new to coding or trying to learn a new framework like Laravel.

There is also small bits of lessons called “Larabits“. These are quick how-to videos, that’s not necessarily tied to a learning path. Just fast paced watch and go type of tut.

On a side note, I've really enjoyed the videos from These are high quality web developer tutorials on topics and technologies ranging from Laravel, React, Vue and many more. Head over to Laracasts and check them out!

Supportive Community

The community at Laracasts is fantastic. The forums are buzzing with activity and full of people ready to help out with any questions you might have about Laravel tutorials or other topics. It’s great to be part of a community where you can share knowledge and get support from fellow learners.

Plus, Jeffrey Way is actively involved, which adds a personal touch to the experience.

In addition, each video has a comments area – where you can post comments – and the community is also very responsive. This helps when you’re stuck in part of the video, commenting will get you “unstuck” real quick.

Diverse Range of Topics Beyond Laravel

While Laracasts is famous for its Laravel tutorials, it doesn’t stop there. The site offers in-depth tutorials on JavaScript, Vue, React, testing, and general web development practices. As mentioned above – the instructors and the way they teach the course is paramount. So the topics can vary – and you get the same high quality tutorial – which is a good deal.

Laracasts Topics

So whether you’re looking to dive deep into a specific framework or broaden your overall skill set, Laracasts has you covered. I was even surprised to see GraphQL, CSS and Webpack in there – its not just backend stuff!

Final Thoughts is a must-have resource for anyone serious about web development, especially if you want to master Laravel tutorials. Its combination of excellent instructors that produce high-quality content. The strong community that you become part of – is truly indispensable. You get to learn everything about Laravel, but also other skills as well. In addition, the library is constantly updated, with new paths, technologies and lessons.

Whether you’re aiming to become a Laravel expert, improve your JavaScript skills, or just become a better developer overall, Laracasts is an investment you won’t regret.

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