Realty WP Theme

Realty is a WordPress theme that I created for public use. Aimed primarily for real estate agents who wish to list their properties in their own site. My role was both designer and developer.

The Homepage

Realty’s design is more on the minimal side. The homepage spans the entire page with the center grid flushed in the middle. A large photo of a house along with a form for users to search with. The messaging can be customized using the theme’s options in the WordPress admin panel.

Responsive Design

It is one my first responsive sites using Zurb’s Foundation framework. Responsive design is an approach in web design that refers to providing an optimal viewing and interaction experience to different users coming from any device.
The image above shows how the homepage renders in desktop, tablet and a phone.

WordPress Custom Post Types

The property listings are using WordPress custom posts types. This means that users of the theme can create their listings – as if they are entering regular WordPress posts, but having it’s own entire output.
This makes for a streamlined workflow for experienced WordPress users. In addition, maintaining the property listings is the same as managing their posts.

Features and Aesthetics

Typography means a lot to me and it shows in Realty. The font combinations used are Open Sans, Helvetica Neue, Georgia, Arial and Verdana. A strict color scheme of black and grays with an accent color of orange.
Additional features include the ability to add Google Maps, widgets for the Realtor’s information, a contact form is all included in this WordPress theme.

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