A repeat client had contacted me for a system that they can use for their marketing team and their landing pages. Basically a CMS that can be used to transform the existing static landing pages, into a dynamic workflow. A typical page would have an output like below:
This example landing page consists of cruise offers for multiple ships along with large hero images that is also used for different parts of the site. The landing page url is sent out via email to marketing leads.
The interface was to be integrated into an already existing system where orders and inventory is maintained. This was the gateway for marketing to view, enter and edit the details for the landing pages.
CURewards - admin area
The system’s core is built on Zend Framework, meaning I had to create the controller, model and views for the CMS. While the backend logic is all in PHP – the interface heavily depend on jQuery for data entry and manipulation such as drag and drop features.
Images from the system are stored in the database so it can be reused elsewhere. Below is a screenshot of the CURewards program with the same image from the system inside a carousel:
The project had allowed me to gain additional experience in the areas of MySQL, PHP and Javascript. Moreover, front end techniques such AJAX and jQuery is also part of the learning process while building the CMS.

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