Goals for 2018

Setting goals for the year is something I do every year. The problem is, I keep it note of it all over the place. It’s in my calendar, Evernote, a Word doc, a Google doc! For 2018,


I decided to publish it here. I’m hoping to not only that I meet all of them, but also set a good track record in the years to come.

Clean up Github repos

This one has long been overdue. I have a lot of repositories in Github that need cleaning up. By this I mean fixing issues, upgrading documentation, moving files and even – deleting some of them. When Github started – it was all the rage. I started moving even my old code there. I never had the chance to look back and clean them up. This year, this will be one my top priorities. A leaner set of Github repos.

Utilize GulpJS More

I’ve used a couple of tooling technologies in the past. But I really like Gulp because of its simplicity. I realize some of my plug ins could really use Gulp. As part of the cleaning up (above), utilizing Gulp is going to be part of it. Not only that it will make the plug in easier to use – but it will also benefit me by learning more of this nifty tool.

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Adapt Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap is the world’s mostly used responsive framework. At the time of writing – version 4 is still on beta, but it’s already widely adopted by many developers. Version 4 has a lot of rewrite, deprecated classes and components. One of the biggest differences is Flexbox. It also introduces the use of ems and rems in CSS as a form of measurement.  So by using Bootstrap 4 – I will also expose myself to both technologies.

Finish WP-Vue Starter theme

This one is almost done. I am a big proponent of VueJS, which I’ve used in a couple of small projects. This time, I wanted to combine it with WordPress. As many of you know, WordPress REST API has long been part of the core. It opens up many possibilities – especially in making WordPress an application framework. JavaScript and SPA’s is already big in the development community – so integrating it with WordPress is a good choice. Again, this is going to be out real soon so stay tuned.

Learn OctoberCMS

I saw a tutorial on OctoberCMS. I really liked it. It looks like its going to be a popular CMS – especially for developers. I am making it one of my goals to use it on a small site. And maybe create a theme for it. I have a friend who needs a portfolio for his photography – so I think this is a good time to use OctoberCMS.
I’m keeping this list short so it’s more attainable. I might keep updating this post for my progress – if it becomes useful for myself or others.

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